Help Us Get to FOWD


We really wanted to attend the Future of Web Design conference last year run by Carnsonified and in order to get there we needed to solicit the help of friends and family and the internet. We figured the best way to do that would be through an attractively designed one page website.


The site is a very typographic and starkly contrasting design to help solicit donations and track our progress. With a countdown of how much money we had left to earn and how much time left to earn it, we encouraged people to continuously check back in to see our progress. Of course, we didn't want to just ask people for donations, so we came up with a barter system with gifts for exchange rotating weekly including specially designed twitter backgrounds, handmade gifts, and the best of all - our dreams.


When we first launched, Ryan Carson and his team were immediately warm and welcoming. They helped get our names out there and sent us wishes of encouragement. We garnered attention from donators around the world including Denmark, England, and Nepal. Even our hosting company, Media Temple, offered to help us out. Overall, the experiment was a huge success, even if we didn't quite hit our mark.

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