Cleanweb Hackathon NYC | Trip Watchers


Ryan Rzepecki of Social Bicycles approached us about participating in the NYC edition of the Cleanweb Hackathon this year. Within a few days he brought on board other members of the existing SoBi team including industrial designers Ted Ullrich and Nick Foley and a great team of developers from Left Brain in Krakow. The hackathon's main goal is to bring together designers, developers and business professionals that want to optimize resource use and accelerate cleantech development through the building of applications that tackle energy, waste, water, and other sustainability issues. For the team's contribution to the hackathon Ryan wanted to create an app building off the existing technology developed for Social Bicycles but this time focusing on adapting people's behavior towards alternative transportation.


The idea for TripWatchers is that users will be able to track their vehicle-related expenses and log their trips using GPS. Whether they are looking to reduce their costs or environmental impact, TripWatchers provides matches for alternative transportation including public transit, biking, and carpooling. Andy was in charge of designing the logo, website and app as well as completing the front-end development for the project. Ted created a slick home page to draw users in and Left Brain built the core functionality and back-end of the app and site. This was all completed in a 24-hour period starting Saturday morning at NYU's ITP building.


The app has been tested and works great but there is still some work to be done. The team is looking forward to it's continuous growth and launch into the public realm in the near future!

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