Barrel+BARC – 24 Hour Challenge


Barrel, an NY-based digital agency, needed volunteers for a 24-hour relaunch of the website for BARC Shelter, a non-profit animal rescue in Brooklyn. We're big lovers of animals and ready to take on any design challenge someone throws at us, so we stepped up to the plate and volunteered.


Starting on a Saturday morning, we all gathered in Barrel's offices, before photos were taken, bagels and coffee were consumed, and teams were divided up. We were on the design team, so we worked with fellow UI/UX designers to come up with a plan for the new site. Check out Barrel's blog for more of the action that day.


Since the project has been completed, BARC has been able to utilize the new site as a way to advertise new animals that need adoptions and other important news from the shelter. If you want to volunteer for the shelter they are always looking for dog walkers and cat petters (they actually have a entire cat loft that you can hang out in allll day if you're into that kind of thing, as Ashley is).

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